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Eine Gaming Community ohne Zwang bei dem der gemeinsame Spaß im Mittelpunkt steht, unser Ark-Cluster ist dabei ein zentraler Bestandteil dieses Projekts. Wir befinden uns im Aufbau, die Webseite für unseren ARK Cluster wird derzeit bevorzugt entwickelt, während unsere Community-Homepage nach und nach mit Inhalten gefüllt wird.

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Main Page - ARK-Cluster

Welcome at "Just-Ark"


Our ARK-Ascended Cluster is built entirely on the principle: “Just play!” There won’t be too many rules and requirements for you.

The originally planned beta line is no longer available.


Our Just Play Server offers an uncomplicated gaming experience in the world of Ark: Survival Ascended. The focus here is on a “just play” approach with minimal rule restrictions. With increased resource rates and adjusted loot.
– But by no means too high settings.

We want players to be able to immediately immerse themselves in the world of Ark Ascended without any hurdles. If you’re looking for a classic Ark experience, the Just Play Server is the perfect place to start your journey.


come directly on our Community-Discord

Easy going: "Just-Play"

With us you should be able to just play and have fun with your friends without various rules etc. getting in your way. There will be no real restrictions on dino trading/rental or base building (on the “Just Play” server)…

Survival in the foreground

An adjusted level of difficulty, your own loot and selected mods that will be added over time will guarantee you games, fun and excitement for a long time.


Our experienced team will regularly hold smaller and larger events for you on the servers – be surprised and take part!

A team with experience

Our team consists of Ark enthusiasts with long experience as server admins. We know the game in all its facets and are ready to use our knowledge to ensure you have a first-class gaming experience on our cluster. With us at the helm, you are in the best hands on board to enjoy Ark Ascended to the fullest. Welcome to our community!

"Learn more about our servers"

In the FAQ and rules you will find out everything you need to know about our cluster and our plans for the near future with ARK-Ascended.