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Eine Gaming Community ohne Zwang bei dem der gemeinsame Spaß im Mittelpunkt steht, unser Ark-Cluster ist dabei ein zentraler Bestandteil dieses Projekts. Wir befinden uns im Aufbau, die Webseite für unseren ARK Cluster wird derzeit bevorzugt entwickelt, während unsere Community-Homepage nach und nach mit Inhalten gefüllt wird.

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[JAC] Update – Server | Wildcard/Nitrado

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[JAC] Update – Server | Wildcard/Nitrado

Some information about the current situation:
A warm welcome to everyone!

We could almost imagine that Studio Wildcard would make the situation complicated after their “Ninja release” and that the start would be a little questionable.

-> The situation with Snail-Games and Nitrado is currently really opaque and there is no really useful official information yet. In any case, you can’t set up a Steam server yourself yet.

We adapt accordingly:

We will temporarily host the “Just-Play” server on Nitrado. We can then also look at the important server settings for the beta servers.

This should make it easier for us to set up the beta servers later, once we can host regular Steam servers.

– As soon as we have finished the „Just-Play“ server there will be a short message with the access data
– Ideally, we can continue to use Nitrado’s save games afterwards. (There will also be a message about this immediately when the server goes online)

…so this would be the final version of the „Just-Play“ server, which will be retained.

Your team – [JAC] – Central