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Eine Gaming Community ohne Zwang bei dem der gemeinsame Spaß im Mittelpunkt steht, unser Ark-Cluster ist dabei ein zentraler Bestandteil dieses Projekts. Wir befinden uns im Aufbau, die Webseite für unseren ARK Cluster wird derzeit bevorzugt entwickelt, während unsere Community-Homepage nach und nach mit Inhalten gefüllt wird.

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A little recap and news to get you started

Information and Serverstart

A little recap and news to get you started


We have a few hours/days of emotional roller coaster behind us, with a “spontaneous release” and much more.

After we had already prepared everything, we had to throw all our plans aside at short notice because “normal server hosting” outside of Nitrado was no longer possible.

After much resistance from the community and an online petition, Wildcard appears
That night we had insight and we could go back to our original plans.

Now the time has finally come:

We are pleased to invite you to our “Just Play” server, which is now available for you! (No Nitrado server)

Servername: JAC-Central.com #Just-Play Longterm(EU) 

Simply search for JAC in the server browser

Further information about the differences and future plans, as well as the respective rules, can be found on our HP in the FAQ and the rules.

Best regards and see you soon,
your JAC team