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Eine Gaming Community ohne Zwang bei dem der gemeinsame Spaß im Mittelpunkt steht, unser Ark-Cluster ist dabei ein zentraler Bestandteil dieses Projekts. Wir befinden uns im Aufbau, die Webseite für unseren ARK Cluster wird derzeit bevorzugt entwickelt, während unsere Community-Homepage nach und nach mit Inhalten gefüllt wird.

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Rules – Community und ARK-Cluster

All rules for our community & behavior on the ARK servers of our cluster
Please read the rules carefully

Our rules have already been reduced to a minimum, but these must be adhered to accordingly!

The following rules should be viewed as a provisional set of rules. As long as Ark Ascended has not been released, we may be missing important information about details and game mechanics (for example, we don’t yet know whether there is even a decay system in an identical form to the original Ark).

The community rules apply on all of our servers!

Community Rules

Manner & behavior
Treat each other with respect!

Appropriate behavior is expected from everyone.
Any form of discrimination, insults, hate speech or harassment is not permitted. This also applies to private messages to other members. In the event of violations, we are forced to react immediately and strictly.

Content / server avatars & nicknames

Pornographic, sexist, racist or politically exclusionary content is prohibited:

- This applies equally to the game servers and Discord and also to avatars, nicknames, profile pictures and any content you create!

Trade & Data Security
Real money trading

Any form of trading with real money or the release of private data is not permitted. Both parties will be banned immediately.

For voice or video recordings or streaming, the permission of the users in the channel must be obtained beforehand.

Discord-NICK (Serverprofile)

Players must use the same name/nick on the Discord and ARK Ascended servers. You can set the nickname separately in the Discord server profile for each Discord server you are on.

Admins & Policies

The guidelines of the respective platforms must be adhered to.
Wildcard policies apply on ARK servers.

Respect the admins and moderators

They act in the interests of the community and their instructions must be followed at all times.
If there are any problems, please use the ticket system on the Discord server.

In general it should be clear to you:

We are only humans!
If you have any concerns: talk to us! ...after the fact - it is always unfavorable.

All servers

Behavior & Griefing

Please behave towards others as you would expect them to behave towards yourself.

Targeted use of bugs and exploits is prohibited.
If something seems unusual to you, please contact an admin or moderator immediately via private message on the Discord.


"Griefing" is a difficult topic, we draw the following line here:
Anyone who intentionally spoils other people's fun in any way is a griefer.

Examples would be:

- Kill stunned dinosaurs.
- Drag aggressive dinosaurs into other players' bases.
- "Occupy" an alien base with large dinosaurs.
- Any actions with the aim of annoying other players (be careful with teleporters & skiffs)
- Anyone who intentionally prevents someone else from progressing in the game is also a "griefer" and will be punished.

This also includes things like:

- Block Explorer Notes
- Make cave entrances inaccessible
- Taming traps cannot be removed after use

- Wyverns, rock drakes, magmasaur eggs and deinonychus eggs cannot be disposed of properly. (Eat them or take them with you)
If you simply drop them, this is also griefing and will be punished.

- Special features regarding Extinction (City Terminals) & Abberation (Z-Plants) will be added in due course.

Special case: theft & base decay
Everyone is responsible for properly securing their base and breeding.

Theft in the direct presence of another player - is clearly griefing and prohibited.

If you forget to turn off the mating of your breedings when you go offline, potential theft is your own fault and will not be pursued further by us.
This applies equally to cabinets and storage boxes that are accidentally left open.

Base decay

It is not forbidden to loot a base that is going into decay.
Everyone here is responsible for themselves and their tribe if they want to prevent this.

Be careful - "LOOTING" doesn't mean completely "freaking out" to get every last stone out of the cupboard. If there are several players on site, we expect that this will still be “somewhat” civilized!
Of course, the basic rule is: first come, first served.

If such an “action” gets out of hand, let the moderators know.

Base - Render

- Anyone who does not play for more than 14 days must contact the team via a ticket.
- We cannot allow an actually inactive base through independent rendering (logging in daily to avoid decay) for a period longer than 30 days for various reasons (server performance, occupying building sites, etc.).**

If you have to be away for a long time or want to take a break, you must definitely contact an admin or moderator.
You have the opportunity to secure selected items, or for example dinosaurs in cryocapsules.
- Here we come up with something.

**Don't worry: +/- a few days beyond this limit is not a problem: but you must definitely contact the team!

If you don't do this, we will send your base into decay and won't be able to help you afterwards.

Building sites

It is not allowed to secure building sites in advance.
If you find a spot you like, you must start building your base there immediately.**

Basically, however:

Talk or write to each other, because many arguments are unnecessary.
Be fair and please let other players use the building site if you only have a spawn hut/small farm hut there while someone else wants to build a main base there.**

**For further special features, please see the building rules for the “Just-Play” and beta servers.


Violations of the rules and their punishment are fundamentally individual.
The respective scope of discretion is subject to the decision of the admins; in case of doubt, we will coordinate this with each other.

However, ignorance and lack of knowledge of the rules will not protect you from a penalty.

Player & Character

Each player must create a tribe or join an existing one. The community rules apply to the tribe and character names.


- Resource collectors in your base / outpost do not necessarily have to be unlocked, but everyone is happy to have access to this type of limited resource. But please remember the building rules: If you set up collectors away from your permitted bases / outposts, they must be public!

- Large collections of resources must not be blocked. Please keep your distance here.

Just-Play Server

General Rules: "Just-Play"
The “Community Rules” & the “All Servers” rules apply

Reasonable and appropriate behavior is required!

Construction rules
Structure Limit & Main Base:

Each tribe has a maximum structure limit of approximately 6,000 available.

One main base can be built!

The size of the main base must be a maximum of 350 m in diameter.**

Please note:
Blocking other players from building your base (smaller structures/foundations) obviously falls under griefing!

**Attention: If there are performance problems with the new UE5 engine, we may have to make adjustments here.

In addition to the main base...

...you are allowed to have one smaller farm huts / outpost, these should not exceed a diameter of approx. 40 m!
A maximum of 5 dinosaurs may be free at the outposts.

We have one or two surprises planned for you!

Please understand that this homepage is not yet 100 % finished. Layout / design are continuously adjusted (also for “mobile optimization”). More information will be added over time!

Centerpiece – Discord

The homepage is the informative part and your FIRST CONTACT with our cluster.
The heart of our community is the Discord server, where you can exchange ideas, play together and talk to us!
Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have any.

Then read the FAQ

In the FAQ and the rules you will find out everything you need to know about our cluster and the plans for the near future with ARK-Ascended.