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Eine Gaming Community ohne Zwang bei dem der gemeinsame Spaß im Mittelpunkt steht, unser Ark-Cluster ist dabei ein zentraler Bestandteil dieses Projekts. Wir befinden uns im Aufbau, die Webseite für unseren ARK Cluster wird derzeit bevorzugt entwickelt, während unsere Community-Homepage nach und nach mit Inhalten gefüllt wird.

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FAQ – Important Informations

Here you will find out everything you need to know about our ARK-Ascended cluster and the servers!
Please read the FAQ carefully

Here you will find all the important information and generally everything you need to know about our Ark-ASA cluster.
If you have any questions, you can always ask them on the Discord server!

Any final changes made will be posted transparently as “#Change_Log” on the Discord and added to the FAQ here.

Ark Cluster: General

Multilingual community
The language on our servers is German and English.

If it is possible through a MOD or a plugin, we will try to set up chat channels for the respective languages on the server. We are also trying to enable cross-server chat.

Helpful community?
With us, yes!

We have developed our rules accordingly. On many ARK clusters it is rather difficult to help each other without having to be in a tribe together.
For example, lending your "buddy" a dinosaur for farming, or something similar - this won't be a problem on our cluster.

Everyone will have to decide for themselves how far they want to go.

Anyone who has spent days or weeks looking for dinosaurs with good stats for breeding should think carefully about whether they want to give them away “just like that”. In any case, we won't stop you. (Exceptions here are clearly attempts to trade for real money - we will consistently prevent this).

The "first contact" with ARK

Please also think about your own beginnings in ARK - the game lives from the experiences of the first hour, constant ups and downs are simply part of ARK. If you get everything for free right at the beginning and never fall on your face, you may quickly lose your own motivation in the game.

Fairness & Griefing / Basis Decay
First of all, we don't know exactly how it will work in ARK-ASA - the flow of information from Wildcard is poor.

We want each of you to have a great gaming experience on our cluster, so despite all the freedom, some basic rules are necessary. These are explained in detail in the rules section of the homepage, especially the topic of “griefing”.

Basic decay

...is a special topic. We have also explicitly explained this in more detail in the rules.

Admins and Moderators

We are an experienced admin and moderator team and have actively played ARK-SE ourselves over a long period of time and later managed a large German ARK-SE cluster together as an admin and mod team.
We have the necessary experience to give you a great gaming experience on this Ark-Ascended Cluster! (Of course always a little dependent on what Wildcard will give us in terms of options).

Admins as players

We admins and moderators will also be on the servers as players. Of course we will adhere to the rules. In addition, we will not abuse our in-game admin options for our own purposes. However, being an admin also involves a lot of work, so we will allow ourselves some freedom.

Transparency & Monthly Costs (Patreon)

Our cluster runs on “high-end” servers from a well-known provider.
Of course, this causes costs, to be more precise, in the three-digit range. We will communicate with you transparently about this and do not want to make any profits with this Ark-Ascended Cluster, but no one should be left with the costs alone. That's why we rely on your support and will implement this with a kind of "premium" model.


We are against “pay-to-win” in order to maintain fairness.
There will be a model on Patreon to support us and unlock certain "options" on the cluster (such as an additional large base). We can't say anything specific about this at the moment, as a lot depends on how it can be implemented in ARK-Ascended (using mods etc.).


What about wipes?
No! - No wipes:

We are NOT planning to wipe the Ark-Ascendet servers on our cluster!

Maximum components & base

The maximum structure limit and the size of the main base with which each player starts on the beta server is adjusted. The exact values and definitions can be found in the respective rules.
A potentially considered “claim mod” will enable us to dynamically expand the base.

But please don't let yourself be put off!

We will make adjustments if necessary!

Critical Structures & Taming
As already mentioned, the survival aspect is important to us:

- We will make various adjustments to the grinder (MOD version).
- The same applies to the industrial meltdown and various buildings, which can potentially make the game a lot easier.

Taming & stunning dinosaurs

We want to create better balancing here:

- Shocking tranquilizer darts, tranquilizer darts and tranquilizer darts should be more clearly differentiated in terms of their effectiveness.
- In combination with stronger dinosaurs (higher level + more resistance), the balancing is correct again if you use the "best possible" tranquilizer dart.

All changes will then be added in detail to the FAQ!

Which MODS come onto the servers?
We can't say for sure yet. Our goal is to maintain the basic ARK experience - we will not completely change the game at any time.

There will definitely be some interesting mods with us:

- Dinosaur mods that integrate additional dinosaurs into the world of ARK (ARK Additions: The Collection!)
- Decoration & construction mods, such as the Keeps & Castles mod
- QOL mods, such as advanced binoculars** and a stacking mod**
- Skins/Customizations and other small mods
- Potions for various purposes (including event rewards and custom loot)
- An "ECO-SYSTEM", i.e. a shop mod for some of the features we have planned
- Various MODS that enable us to hold events and make admin work easier. Examples include the Structure Saver or the Simple Spawner Mod.

**Binoculars and stacking MOD will always be adjusted by us so that they are not excessively strong - especially on the beta servers

What rates will there be?
We can't say much about this yet, except:

It will be fair. Better than official rates, but definitely not over-the-top rates where everything is done in no time. This also applies to “stacking” and “weight”.

Will there be a shop? **ECOSYSTEM
Yes! there will be an in-game shop, but not necessarily what you think:

Support for the server is currently only available via Patreon. Regardless of this, there may also be one or two items available for purchase in the in-game shop (limited). However, a shop can also offer us other options and functions.

To give an example: VOTING rewards.

We have a few more interesting ideas and plans...

...we can't reveal more about this at this point.

We have one or two surprises planned for you!

Please understand that this homepage is still 100% finished. Layout / design will be continuously adjusted – including mobile optimization – and some more information will be added over time!

Centerpiece – Discord

The homepage is the informative part and your FIRST CONTACT with our cluster.
The heart of our community is the Discord server, where you can exchange ideas, play together and talk to us!
Don’t hesitate to ask questions either.

Then read the rules

In the FAQs and the rules you will find out everything you need to know about our cluster and our plans for the near future with ARK-Ascended.